Stu Ungar - "The Kid", Biography

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Stu Ungar, who was also nicknamed ‘the Kid’ by most of his fellow players, was recognized as a bad boy in the Poker World. There was no doubt in his abilities as a poker player. He was rated by most critics as one of the best players to step foot in the world of Poker. However, he got into cocaine use in the latter part of his career alongside sports betting. Both of them had an effect on him and he lost his life in 1998.

Born on September 8, 1953, Stu Ungar lived in New York City. From the beginning itself, he had a hard life. After his father passed away, Stu had to take care of his mother and little sister. Initially, he tried his hand at grin rummy. He was so good at the game that people stopped playing with him. This is why he had to turn to poker for a new challenge.

In his long career, Stu was able to get hold of 5 WSOP bracelets. His tournaments earnings were more than USD 2 million. Apart from Johny Moss, he was the only person to have won a championship on three different occasions. One of his win came against Doyle Brunson in 1980 where he had a display of an amazing heads-up. Apart from the Championships, he had 10 major victories in different No Limit Hold’em events, where the overall buy-ins was USD 5,000 or higher). That number is impressive - but what is even more impressive is that The Kid only played a very small number of these tournaments. Stuey's batting average was higher than anyone else's - and that's enough of a reason to call Stuey Ungar the most feared high buy-in tournament player in poker history.

It is believed that Stu played during a time when the tournament winnings were not high, or his earnings would have surpassed the best players in the modern world. Again, his health and use of drugs didn’t help his cause. His sense of humor earned him his nickname, but with a deck in his hand, he seemed on a mission.

It really is a shame Stuey isn't around to see poker become what it is today. In a poker world where poker legends are treated like royalty - who knows what Stu could have done with his life. This site website is a tribute to the greatest of all time. Hope you're having fun beating all the games in heaven, Stuey!

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